25 Oct

CHUNG TAI WORLD MUSEUM is the largest buddhism museum in the world.Tianjin Wangda successfully won the biggest tender lot through public,equal, and just competitive negotiation and after field visits at all the worldwide showcase supplier candidates by the experts and consultants from the museum.Wangda design,manfacture and install all the high-end museum display cases for the galleries for 2 floors.

The landscape of the museum covers an area of 9 hectares, with a floor space that spans over 66,000 square meters. The external design of the buildin is identical to the ancient city in Tang Dynasty (618-907AD). Amalgamating Chinese architecture with Western techniques, Chung Tai World Museum echoes this notion: Both Buddhism and traditional Chinese culture bear a long history but remain fresh in its essence.

The exhibition in Chung Tai Wolrd Museum will be grouped into three major themes: a) Stele Rubbings Exhibition b) Stone Sutra Exhibition c) Buddhism Cultural Relics Exhibition. The Buddhism Cultural Relics section will be further divided into four parts: large Buddhist statues, steles, small Buddhist statues and traditional stone carvings.

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