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21 Nov

WANGDA SHOWCASES is a quality museum display cases supplier with streamline production lines for all the production processes to custom-build display cases specially for museums.Being the first professional manufacturer and supplier of frameless all glass museum display cases in China, Wangda Showcases initiated to design,produce,supply and install museum quality all glass display cases on the basis of years of experience for manufacturing display and storage facilities for libraries and museums since 1996.Covering an area of over 15,000 square meters,being equipped with streamline production lines consisting of modernized CNC machine tools,laser processing devices as well as other advanced processing machines,adopting framelss and invisible glass bonding technology,Wangda Showcases has been professionalized in custom-building premier quality of museum display cases with multifarious designs for worldwide museums, libraries, archives, art galleries, visitor centers, exhibitions and so on.

Here is the list of leading production equipments and production lines of Wangda Showcases for museum quality display cases,display cabinets,showcases and vitrines.

Leading production equipments and lines from Wangda Showcases for museum display cases


Full vision on Wangda Showcass-Enterprise Video of Wangda Shocases

21 Nov

Full vision on Wangda Showcases,the design,the innovation,the equipmens,the production,the teams for such a quality factory,supplier and manufacturer of modernized museum display cases,museum display cabinets,museum showcases,vitrines for worldwide museums,libraries,art galleries,memorial halls,enterprise exhibition gallery,private collectors and so on.

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What advantage Wangda Showcases has for museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases/vitrines?

9 Nov

What advantage Wangda Showcases has for museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases/vitrines?

1. Design and technology advantage:Creative design teams and technique teams from Wangda Showcases have always invested much on the in-depth study and absorption the latest display cases design concept in the world as well as up-to-date museum conservation and exhibition design and technology then create personalized and innovative display cases design and technology in combination with every project details and actual museum site condition.

2. Quality advantage:streamline production lines equipped with modernized CNC machine tools,laser processing machines ensure high precision of processing for all the parts.Strict and mature ISO management system as well as innovated promotion and demotion personnel rules guarantee the defect rate to be as minimal as possible.

3. Cost advantage:a number of modernized CNC machine tools and laser processing devices immensely decrease manpower cost,streamline production lines considerably raise working efficiency thus unit cost declines accordingly.The most import is Wangda Showcases has always kept operating strategy at low profit rate in order to conscientiously make more down-to-earth contributions to historic culture exchange and spreading among countries and to the heritage conservation of human beings.

4. Worry-free service:Wangda Showcases generally provides free warranty not less than 2 years.Any possible maintenance request from clients has always been responded,no any excuse or refusing.For all the delivered museum projects,Wangda Showcases has always responsibly responded to clients within 24 hours with no any delay wherever the project is situated in the earth.

How to build museum display cases/museum display cabinets/museum display showcases/vitrines?

9 Nov

How to build museum display cases/museum display cabinets/museum display showcases/vitrines? Hereinafter is basic methods to build up museum quality display cases/display cabinets/showcases/vitrines:

1. Glass: prepare glass panels,ultra clear glass with low iron contents,usually at 4+0.76+4mm or 5+1.52+5mm for typical museum display cases but higher specifications like 6+1.52+6mm for larger museum display cases.Glass panels are preferred to have 45 ° mitred cutting and mitred joint so as to create nice appearance,solid structure and well airtightness.Build clear frameless all glass display space by installing clear glass panels into glass-receiving aluminum extrusions with dedicated curing adhesive.Bond glass panels together into clear display space with dedicated transparent glass adhesive and get the bonding cured by dedicated curing devices.

2. Steel: prepare (1).steel section(cube steel) of low carbon steel, 40x40x3mm,50x50x3mm for typical display cases or 50x100x3mm for larger display cases;(2) 3mm thick steel panel of low carbon steel.Weld cube steels into display case skeleton by oxygen-free welding.Have steel surface treatment before powder coating:derusting,deoiling,anodization,dedusting for better attachment by powdered coat.Powder-coat all steel surface by static powder-coating,solidify the powdered coat by high-temperature oven and dry the coated steel completely.

3. Aluminum extrusions:prepare (1).aluminum extrusions for glass panel receiving; (2).aluminum extrusions for parts of light chamber; (3).aluminum hinge mechanism if available.Have aluminum treatment:derusting,deoiling,anodization,dedusting for better attachment by powder coat.Powder-coat all aluminum extrusions surface by static powder-coating system,solidify the powdered coat by high-temperature oven and dry the coated steel completely.

4. Top light chamber:welding and install steel and aluminum into finished light chamber,fix light diffuser consisting of aluminum gridding for light distribution and laminated clear glass for UV,IR and heat filtering,install electrical wiring.

5. Lower base/plinth:assemble welded steel skeleton into final plinth or base,externally clad plinth or base with  powder-coated folded steel panel or Corian or other required cladding material.

6. Door opening mechanism: for hinged access,install hinged mechanism onto glass panel door or for pull&slide access,install sliding system onto lower plinth and upper channel(if available),or lift-off access,install elevating system(by manual operation or electrical operation or wireless operation).

7. Timber:prepare ZF-MDF panels with zero formaldehyde content for structural panel and dressing panel. Process ZF-MDF panels into right dimensions.

8. Fabric:prepare fire-proof and environment-friendly fabric,usually Bauman Creation fabric,for dressing panel,have seal treatment on ZF-MDF panels before dressing,mechanically fasten fabric onto dressing panel.

9. Light system:prepare light system with cold light source,LED lighting system like LED spot light or LED panel  within discrete light chamber or F/O lighting system with cold LED light source for no heat accumulation and no IR or UV radiation into internal display space to create any damage on exhibited artifacts.

10. Microclimate system:steel compartment for silica gel tray for passive humidity control with RH between 40% and 60%,or chamber in lower plinth for electronic mode active microclimate control system for RH 30%-70%.

11. Other accessories:install levelling adjusters and/or castors at the bottom of display cases for display case levelling and/or easy movement.

12. Assembly:mechanically fix dressing panel onto lower plinth or base and/or side and/or back(if available),install glass parts within aluminum extrusions into upper channel attached to top light chamber and lower structure on the lower plinth(if no top light chamber,install bonded glass hood into lower plinth),then install top light chamber if available,then internal lighting fixtures if available,and microclimate system if available.

13. Have a double check at all the installed parts,then make all-round debugging and final test on the finished museum display cases.

What are museum display cases? What’s the difference between museum display cases and commercial display cases or retail display cases?

9 Nov

What are Museum display cases on earth? From different culture in various countries and regions,museum display cases are also sometimes called as museum display cabinets,museum display showcases,exhibit cases,vitrines or vitrinen.Much different from commercial display cases,retail display cases or traditional old display cases which are made by timber structure and single layer glass with no concept of security and conservation but just for display only,museum display cases are  an integrated and compound systems professionally tailored for anti-bandit safeguard,conservation with no any chemical or physiological damage,undistorted and artistic display and exhibitions for invaluable artifacts or artworks so museum display cases(museum display cabinets,museum display showcases,vitrines or exhibit cases) should be an ideal solution to preserve and presen priceless ancient relics,artifacts or artworks etc.

The end users of museum display cases are mainly of museums,libraries,art galleries,archives and private collectors,visiting centers as well as other related exhibition organization.

A museum display case is made by laminated anti-bandit ultra clear(or called water crystal,low-ironor optiwhite) glass or low-reflective glass with 97% high light transparence and less than 1% light reflectivity as well as robust case structure constructed by low carbon steel and special aluminum extrusions in durable powder-coated finish.The fabrication adopts the frameless all glass display cases technology,incorporates conservational lighting and controllable microclimate systems(N.B.microclimate system is to maintain a relatively constant humidity and tempearture within display space of museum display cases).

All the specifications and technical datas for museum display cases strictly meet the highest and most critical world museum safety and conservation criterias.Museum display cases are featured with extraordinary security which is realized by robust structure,laminated safety glass,top safe locking and key systems etc.,controlled humidity and temperature which is realized by active electronic climate control units or silica gel tray of passive climate control facilities,undistorted presentation which is realized by ultra clear low iron glass iwth high light transmission and frameless structure,well seal and airtightness with minimal air exchange rate which is realized by seal extrusion,sealant,seal strip etc.,theatric and conservational lighting system which is realized by combination of spot and flood illumination,therefore museum display cases work excellently to safeguard objects very well and authentically reveal history facts,apperance and scenes.

For various artifacts and exhibits,museum display cases are typically sorted into wall display cases,freestanding display cases,table display cases,modular display cases and special display cases.All the museum display cases are just custom-built according to actual exhibits and the intended exhibition design.

From exhibition design,display cases design to display cases fabrication,delivery and installation as well as after-sale maintenance,Wangda Showcases loyally provides museums with complete and worry-free turnkey solutions for museum conservation,display and exhibition.