What are museum display cases? What’s the difference between museum display cases and commercial display cases or retail display cases?

9 Nov

What are Museum display cases on earth? From different culture in various countries and regions,museum display cases are also sometimes called as museum display cabinets,museum display showcases,exhibit cases,vitrines or vitrinen.Much different from commercial display cases,retail display cases or traditional old display cases which are made by timber structure and single layer glass with no concept of security and conservation but just for display only,museum display cases are  an integrated and compound systems professionally tailored for anti-bandit safeguard,conservation with no any chemical or physiological damage,undistorted and artistic display and exhibitions for invaluable artifacts or artworks so museum display cases(museum display cabinets,museum display showcases,vitrines or exhibit cases) should be an ideal solution to preserve and presen priceless ancient relics,artifacts or artworks etc.

The end users of museum display cases are mainly of museums,libraries,art galleries,archives and private collectors,visiting centers as well as other related exhibition organization.

A museum display case is made by laminated anti-bandit ultra clear(or called water crystal,low-ironor optiwhite) glass or low-reflective glass with 97% high light transparence and less than 1% light reflectivity as well as robust case structure constructed by low carbon steel and special aluminum extrusions in durable powder-coated finish.The fabrication adopts the frameless all glass display cases technology,incorporates conservational lighting and controllable microclimate systems(N.B.microclimate system is to maintain a relatively constant humidity and tempearture within display space of museum display cases).

All the specifications and technical datas for museum display cases strictly meet the highest and most critical world museum safety and conservation criterias.Museum display cases are featured with extraordinary security which is realized by robust structure,laminated safety glass,top safe locking and key systems etc.,controlled humidity and temperature which is realized by active electronic climate control units or silica gel tray of passive climate control facilities,undistorted presentation which is realized by ultra clear low iron glass iwth high light transmission and frameless structure,well seal and airtightness with minimal air exchange rate which is realized by seal extrusion,sealant,seal strip etc.,theatric and conservational lighting system which is realized by combination of spot and flood illumination,therefore museum display cases work excellently to safeguard objects very well and authentically reveal history facts,apperance and scenes.

For various artifacts and exhibits,museum display cases are typically sorted into wall display cases,freestanding display cases,table display cases,modular display cases and special display cases.All the museum display cases are just custom-built according to actual exhibits and the intended exhibition design.

From exhibition design,display cases design to display cases fabrication,delivery and installation as well as after-sale maintenance,Wangda Showcases loyally provides museums with complete and worry-free turnkey solutions for museum conservation,display and exhibition.

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