21 Nov

WANGDA SHOWCASES is a quality museum display cases supplier with streamline production lines for all the production processes to custom-build display cases specially for museums.Being the first professional manufacturer and supplier of frameless all glass museum display cases in China, Wangda Showcases initiated to design,produce,supply and install museum quality all glass display cases on the basis of years of experience for manufacturing display and storage facilities for libraries and museums since 1996.Covering an area of over 15,000 square meters,being equipped with streamline production lines consisting of modernized CNC machine tools,laser processing devices as well as other advanced processing machines,adopting framelss and invisible glass bonding technology,Wangda Showcases has been professionalized in custom-building premier quality of museum display cases with multifarious designs for worldwide museums, libraries, archives, art galleries, visitor centers, exhibitions and so on.

Here is the list of leading production equipments and production lines of Wangda Showcases for museum quality display cases,display cabinets,showcases and vitrines.

Leading production equipments and lines from Wangda Showcases for museum display cases


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