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WANGDA showcases won the museum display case contract from Linyi Museum

22 Jan
After fierce,fair and transpaprent competition,WANGDA showcases finally won the official contract from Linyi City Museum and will design,supply and intall museum quality display cases for all the galleries for Linyi City Museum.According to the general mueum layout design,actual exhibition and exhibits specifications,all the display cases will be framelessly customized and constructed with ultra clear safety glass,rigid steel structure and other inert and/or environmen-friendly materals.And all the display cases are museum quality with dust-free and airtight construction. Linyi City Museum, located on Blue Hill Road, the old Confucius Temple, is a comprehensive geological museum. Linyi has a long history, culture and long history, 1-2 million years ago in the Neolithic period, in this land of our ancestors had thrived on the creation of civilization. Wide range of items have been identified so far within the unit are more than 700, all share the 10080 pieces of cultural relics, among which 314 national heritage, a collection of stone ax, shovel jade, shell black pottery, high hollow handle cup white pottery double layer of the mouth, bronze, gold engraving jade clothes, etc. 27. In addition, there are 5,000 years of Longshan Culture jade, stone, bone, horn, pottery, there are 5000-7000 years ago Dawenkou stone, bone, pottery, 7,000 years ago, North Xin culture plate and the grinding stone, a 12 million years ago, cattle, horse teeth, there are 600 million years ago, trilobites and other fossils. Which eggshell pottery, gold engraving jade clothing and other artifacts and has been transferred to the National Heritage Board display in Japan and other countries.

LinYi City Museum has 10,666 cultural relics, including national heritage 2132, and another five thousand pieces of ancient coins generally, especially archaeological finds, and Neolithic and Han Han Dynasty stone is most abundant. Collections come from local archaeological excavations and the collection, with typical local characteristics and high research value. Especially the exquisite technology, the wall thin hollow eggshell pottery pottery cup in possession of a high handle 55, which is listed as a product of there 12, collection of artifacts representative of the Longshan Culture period, eggshell pottery cup handle the country’s total high 60% of the total. The fine grinding stone ax and stone flat Cong, Yu shovel holes; peculiar form of white pottery double mouth Gui, unique jade dress shape; Xiyanchi Jin Jin Dynasty tomb unearthed device barbarian riding a lion, bronze Hu man riding a lion, bronze phoenix vaporizer, chicken pot first, is a national treasure, Huang Shen, Yun Nan Tian, Gao Heng, Lin is also a museum of paintings and other boutique. Bronze number, shape of the fine, as Business Week provides an important kind of archaeological data. Linyi Nanfangzhen Western Han Hong stores unearthed “jade” set is the 1140 gold pieces to wear together from jade, and is found in China earlier set of “jade dress” indeed rare treasure. Even more remarkable is the collection of Linyi City Museum thousand pieces of fine ancient artifacts unearthed here, to produce a beautiful eggshell pottery, unique shape of the mouth Gui double white pottery, priceless jade dress, etc., numerous . Fully reflects the area’s rich history and unique ancient cultural outlook. Peculiar form of copper earthenware vessel, the upper and lower Ge steamer into one, central a grate, under the three-legged beast, is dignified, elegant and exquisite typical casting process.

Its collection sources, archaeological excavations, collection, purchase, donation, etc., according to the texture is divided into stone, pottery, porcelain, bronze, bronze mirrors, iron, paintings, books, rubbings, coins, gold and silver, bone, seals, lacquer, ink, wood, stone, stone statues, Chinese stone, brick pattern, cloisonne, silk sand, Vatan, fossils, the other 24 categories, the number of 10666 total collection. Linyi museum


WANGDA Showcases is awarded the contract to design,manufacture and install high-end museum display cases for the museum combination of Museum and Art Gallery of Yixing Culture Cente.

22 Jan

WANGDA Showcases is awarded the contract to design,manufacture and install high-end museum display cases for the museum combination of Museum and Art Gallery of Yixing Culture Cente.

The Culture center covers four grand buildings of grand theatre,science gallery,youth center,library and museum project.The musem project in the Culture Center consists of museum and art gallery,with 25,000.00 square meters building area for thousands of local and national collections, historical artifacts and fine artworks.

All the bespoke display cases from WANGDA SHOWCASES will be desigend and manufactured in compliance with internationally-leading technology and quality criterias,incluing high light transmittanc and low light reflectivity for glass panels,inert and enviornment-friendly inner display space,minimal air exchange less than 0.2,adjustable internal humidity and temperature etc.


22 Jan
After fierce,fair and transparent competition with other European showcase supplier,with the best project budget and international-class quality for sample display case,WANGDA showcases finally succeeded in the contract to design,manufacture,supply and install all museum quality display cases for TaiZhou museum.All the museum display cases are tailored to fit for designed exhibition requirement and actual exhibits.

Taizhou Museum is a municipal comprehensive museum and in combined construction with TaiZhou exhibition gallery,with total building area at 21,000.00 square meters and the museum covers around 12,500.00 square meters.The project design is undertaken by Tsing Hua University.It is totalled at 4 floors for the conservation and exhibition of local and national historical artifacts,collections and art works.
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