Museum Display Cases-Wangda Showcases

17 Mar

A Museum display case (also called a museum showcase or museum display cabinet) is a cabinet with one or more clear glass panes and/or glass top, used for protecting and displaying artifacts, an exhibition, museum,library,art gallery,memorial hall,archive or private collector’s house.In a museum, the exhibited cultural artifacts are normally part of collections for the museum.

Museum display cases may be freestanding on the floor, or built-in(recessed) , or wall-hung.Display cases may be mounted on the wall, may work as room partitions. On occasion, display cases are built into the floor, such as in the Museum of Sydney (in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), where the remains of drains and privies are shown in their original context, along with other archeological artifacts.[1]

There are usually three types of freestanding display cases/showcases/display cabinets: pedestal type, shallow base type and wall type(with solid rear).[2] Pedestal display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines are designed to exhibit objects through 4 or 5 glazed sides.The shallow base display cases/showcases/vitrines/display cabinets are designed to meet the exhibition at full height.Wall type freestanding display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines are built with solid back and solid sides.Display cases are designed with top safety,security and conservation,and are surely lockable for safety.Display cases/Showcases/display cabinets can be pre-assembled well for shipment or will be disassembled when the design is too large and shipped in disassembly and then be assembled up on site in the museums.Pre-assembly display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines are assembled well(and usually tested) and are shipped ready to use.[2]


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