Class-one quality but the most competitive cost for museum display cases from Wangda Showases

22 Sep

Wangda Showcases Ltd. Tianjin Wangda Displaying Tools Co.,Ltd.) custom-builds modernized styles and designs of frameless all-glass high-security,high-conservation and high-quality museum display cases/museum display cabinets/museum showcases/vitrines for museums, libraries, archives, memorial halls, art galleries, collectors and so on.

For your projects of museum objects protection, conservation and exhibition, your choice on Wangda Showcases means the best budget for latest technology and design, time-tested quality, reliable performance, easy and safe operation, all-round and unworried service.

Outstanding features for museum display cases from Wangda Showcases:

1.Inert and/or environment-friendly material strictly meeting the international museum safety and conservation standard are seriously selected by Wangda Showcases to build museum display cases so as to ensure the exhibited objects to be well protected and conserved.

2.Solid and durable steel structure,vibration-proof design and professional Abloy locking system with extremely-low exchange rate for keys considerably strengthen safety and security of museum display cases.

3.Dust-free and airtightness design working together with series sealing materials create well seal at minimal air exchange.

4.Ultra clear glass with low-iron content, anti-reflective glass with high light transmittance and low reflectivity, as well as frameless and invisible but safer glass bonding with no any sight obstacle or blind angle create all-direction and undistorted reveal and display.

5.Protectable, controllable and monitored internal microclimate and lighting system prevent the exhibited objects from being damaged by improper surroundings.

6.Wireless remote-controlled opening system as well as wireless remote-controlled dimming and monitoring for lighting system and microclimate system make all the operations easy and be at ease.vitrines for museums-wangda showcases.jpg


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