Business Philosophy and Strategy of Wangda Showcases

23 Sep

***Business Philosophy of Wangda Showcases***

As a conscientious enterprise, we always take protecting and inheriting ancient history and cultural heritage as our enterprise responsibility and historical mission so we have never put profit first but all of our work are to surround how to supply museums with optimized protection, conservation and exhibition solutions at the best budget.

***Strategy of Wangda Showcases***

A.Technology Strategy: continuously learn, absorb, innovate and create new technology for building the best museum display cases/museum display cabinets/museum showcases so as to meet the latest trend and requirement for museum protection, conservation and exhibition.

B. Design Strategy: exchange design concept and idea with domestic and overseas museum professionals, design teams, renowned architects and counterparts to catch the latest design trends so as to create practical and cutting-edge design for museum display cases.

C. Service Strategy: 24 hours service, prompt response within 24 hours, 2 years free warranty after sale.

D. Cost Strategy: competitive cost from us is not for vicious competition with other suppliers, low cost not means worse materials, quality or performance from us, and low cost is not of our aim or means, but we just would like all of our clients to cost right, efficiently and transparently for same museum quality and function, which we think should be our great contribution to museum industry.Based on our business philosophy, in order to supply clients with museum display cases at low cost but with time-tested superb quality, high security and reliable performance, beside that we have always carried on low profit strategy to serve all the clients, for decreasing the production cost, we have introduced series of advanced digital and smart machines as well as high-efficiency production lines and will keep going, have explored new technology, have innovated design, have developed new materials and will keep going.



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