WANGDA WON museum showcases project from Ningxia Museum.

20 Jan

Through public tender facing the worldwide showcase suppliers,Wangda Showcases successfully won the huge museum showcase project from the Museum of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region(Abbr.: Ningxia Museum)

The Ningxia Museum is located at the Chengtian Buddhist Temple in Yinchuan City, is a comprehensive historical museum of provincial level in China. The Museum was prepared in 1959 and officially completed in 1973.

The Museum has collected over 10,000 cultural relics, of which 45 are Class One collection, among which are the ink-stick unearthed from a Han tomb at Guyuan County of Ningxia, the gold-plated copper bull unearthed from a Western Xia (1038-1227) tomb, and a silk banner presented to the leader of the Hui nationality by the Red Army when passing by Guyuan County of Ningxia during the Long March. The overwhelming majority of the relics collected by the Museum were obtained from archeological survey and field excavation with the exception of small quantity of collected items and the items left over through the ages…….(for more details, please visit:



WANGDA SHOWCASES won the open tender of An’Hui Museum

10 Dec

WANGDA SHOWCASES currently won the open tender from New An’Hui Museum to supply and install high-end museum display cases for all the galleries.

Founded on November 14, 1956, the Anhui Museum was one of the four model museums at that time.On September 17, 1958, Chairman Mao Zedong made an inspection of the Anhui Museum and instructed that the main cities of a province should have such a museum and it was important to let people know their own history and power of creation. Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Li Xiannian, Ye Jianying, Peng Dehuai, Chen Yi and other former leaders of the CPC and………. 

WANGDA SHOWCASES won open tender from Shan’Xi Museum

10 Dec

After public and transparent tendering, WANGDA SHOWCASES successfully won the museum display cases project from Shan’Xi Museum and will design, supply and install all the high-end museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases for all the galleries for this museum.

Tender Winning: XIANG TAN Museum

10 Dec

Through public tendering, WANDA SHOWCASES won the museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases project from XIANG TAN Museum which is located in HuNan Province of China.The display cases project values around RMB 3 millions.

The museum (also named Guansheng Palace) boosts over 3,000 bronze wares, porcelains, jades, calligraphies and paintings……..


10 Dec

WANGDA SHOWCASES successfully won the high-end museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases project from Huang Yan Museum. Will design,supply and install all the museum display cases for all the galleries. 

Wangda Showcases Won Museum Display Cases Contract for Hull Maritime Museum in United Kingdom

17 Nov


he Hull Maritime Museum is a museum in Kingston upon Hull, England, that explores the seafaring heritage of the city and its environs. The museum’s stated mission is “To preserve and make available the maritime history of Hull and east Yorkshire through artefacts and documents”………….

The acceptance inspection on delivered key museum display cases project for Guizhou Provincial Museum passed

26 Oct

Currently,the installation work for our key museum display cases project of the Guizhou Provincial Museum completed. By means of cutting-edge design,fine fabrication, world-class quality,reliable performance,the critical official acceptance inspection by professional specialists team for all the finished museum display cases/showcases/display cabinets passed.

The Guizhou Provincial Museum which is located at Guiyang City,the capital of Guizhou Province in Southwest of China,is a provincial-level comprehensive museum.The Museum, covering a space of 19,300 square meters, was prepared in 1953 and opened to the public in 1958.The Museum collected………. more details, please visit