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What advantage Wangda Showcases has for museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases/vitrines?

9 Nov

What advantage Wangda Showcases has for museum display cases/display cabinets/showcases/vitrines?

1. Design and technology advantage:Creative design teams and technique teams from Wangda Showcases have always invested much on the in-depth study and absorption the latest display cases design concept in the world as well as up-to-date museum conservation and exhibition design and technology then create personalized and innovative display cases design and technology in combination with every project details and actual museum site condition.

2. Quality advantage:streamline production lines equipped with modernized CNC machine tools,laser processing machines ensure high precision of processing for all the parts.Strict and mature ISO management system as well as innovated promotion and demotion personnel rules guarantee the defect rate to be as minimal as possible.

3. Cost advantage:a number of modernized CNC machine tools and laser processing devices immensely decrease manpower cost,streamline production lines considerably raise working efficiency thus unit cost declines accordingly.The most import is Wangda Showcases has always kept operating strategy at low profit rate in order to conscientiously make more down-to-earth contributions to historic culture exchange and spreading among countries and to the heritage conservation of human beings.

4. Worry-free service:Wangda Showcases generally provides free warranty not less than 2 years.Any possible maintenance request from clients has always been responded,no any excuse or refusing.For all the delivered museum projects,Wangda Showcases has always responsibly responded to clients within 24 hours with no any delay wherever the project is situated in the earth.


custom-made museum display cases from Wangda Showcases Limited

10 Dec

custom-made museum display cases

Special structure of museum display cases can be custom-made on request according to special exhibits or special exhibition.Immense size,abnormal shape like column,trapezoid shape or particular function like zero oxygen environment of museum display cases can all be customized.No any compromise on the security,stability and airtightness come to special display cases.