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The acceptance inspection on delivered key museum display cases project for Guizhou Provincial Museum passed

26 Oct

Currently,the installation work for our key museum display cases project of the Guizhou Provincial Museum completed. By means of cutting-edge design,fine fabrication, world-class quality,reliable performance,the critical official acceptance inspection by professional specialists team for all the finished museum display cases/showcases/display cabinets passed.

The Guizhou Provincial Museum which is located at Guiyang City,the capital of Guizhou Province in Southwest of China,is a provincial-level comprehensive museum.The Museum, covering a space of 19,300 square meters, was prepared in 1953 and opened to the public in 1958.The Museum collected………. more details, please visit  http://www.wangdashowcases.com/html/News.asp?owen1=News



Logo of Wangda Showcases Means What?

23 Sep

%e6%97%ba%e8%be%belogo%e7%bd%91%e7%bb%9cLogo of Wangda Showcases: A shield + museum building inside = museums are under complete protection and conservation by high-security and high-standard museum display cases like a shield, also reveals the enterprise mission of Wangda Showcases is to do the best to support museums to cost right to protect, conserve and display invaluable historical objects and artworks.


Gulin Museum of China

10 Sep

Boasting a collection of 21,500 cultural relics, the Gulin Museum in Guangxi province of China is famed for its blue and white porcelains of the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911) and its rich collection of cultural relics of the 11 ethnic minorities in the region. Among the collection, the most treasured are a blue and white porcelain vase decorated with patterns of pine, bamboo and plum of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and the Sishen Mirror (Four Gods Mirror) of the Sui Dynasty (581-618).


Museum Display Cases-Wangda Showcases

17 Mar museum diplay cabinets,museum display cases,vitrine,showcases for museums

A Museum display case (also called a museum showcase or museum display cabinet) is a cabinet with one or more clear glass panes and/or glass top, used for protecting and displaying artifacts, e.g.in an exhibition, museum,library,art gallery,memorial hall,archive or private collector’s house.In a museum, the exhibited cultural artifacts are normally part of collections for the museum.

Museum display cases may be freestanding on the floor, or built-in(recessed) , or wall-hung.Display cases may be mounted on the wall, may work as room partitions. On occasion, display cases are built into the floor, such as in the Museum of Sydney (in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), where the remains of drains and privies are shown in their original context, along with other archeological artifacts.[1]

There are usually three types of freestanding display cases/showcases/display cabinets: pedestal type, shallow base type and wall type(with solid rear).[2] Pedestal display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines are designed to exhibit objects through 4 or 5 glazed sides.The shallow base display cases/showcases/vitrines/display cabinets are designed to meet the exhibition at full height.Wall type freestanding display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines are built with solid back and solid sides.Display cases are designed with top safety,security and conservation,and are surely lockable for safety.Display cases/Showcases/display cabinets can be pre-assembled well for shipment or will be disassembled when the design is too large and shipped in disassembly and then be assembled up on site in the museums.Pre-assembly display cases/showcases/display cabinets/vitrines are assembled well(and usually tested) and are shipped ready to use.[2]

A visit with comprehensive survey and assessment by HeBei museum

13 Mar

In order to fairly,publicly and justly select and finalize the ultimate reliable museum showcases/museum display cases supplier from the candidates for the latest museum updating project,the curator and evaluation team from HeBei museum,a National Class A museum paid a visit to Wangda Showcases and executed a comprehensive survey and assessment.All kinds of high-end CNC equipments at international level,modernized streamline production lines,professional workers and teams,efficient management,cutting-edge design ideas and world-class technology for high-end museum showcases as well as high-security,high-quality and high-standard museum showcases/museum display cases prototypes are obtained with high praise from the visitors.   

Museum Display Cases Installation by Wangda Showcases for Chung Tai World Museum

22 Feb

Experienced installation workers start professional on-site installation for the delivered museum display cases for Chung Tai World Museum.Hereinafter are some photographs.Chung Tai World Museum is the largest professional buddhist museum in the world.Wangda Showcases supplied and installed high-end museum display cases for all the galleries in level 1 and 3.

For more details,please visit:  http://www.tjwangda.com/en/htmls/newslist/list-6-1.html


Wangda Showcases Finished Display Case Installation for China Folklore Museum

22 Feb

Wangda Showcases already finished the installation work for all the delivered museum display cases(cabinets,showcases) for China folklore museum located in Beijin.After installation being over,all the high-end museum display cases have already been put into operation to conserve and display the invaluable exhibits of antiques,artifacts,and art works collected in the museum.