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bevel table display cases from Wangda Showcases Limited

10 Dec

bevel table display cases

Museum table display case with bevel / tilt glass hood .The slope glass hood is seated on an open or closed plinth.Frameless glass hood with glass and solid panels supplies a transparent,front & top viewed and protective showcasing environment.It is applicable to the exhibition of small,medium and flat artifacts such as coins,medals,manuscript,calligraphy and so on.

Glass Panels—

Glass hood for museum display cases of table design is made by 3-ply laminated safety glass which meets BS EN356 Part 4A,the international authoritative criteria of safety glass.Optiwhite glass with low iron content or ultra clear glass with low reflective coat ensures high light transmittance with no vision distortion.Frameless construction and invisible glass bonding bring no any sight obstruction on display.UV bonding adhesive under advanced UV bonding technology and dedicated cure agent make glass hood elegant but solid.Specifications of glass like 4+0.76+4,5+0.76+5,4+1.52+4,5+1.52+5 is usually proposed.

Construction Support—

For this museum display case of table design,the metal profile to receive glass panels is made by dedicated powder-coated aluminum extrusions and then is tightly secured to lower steel structure.Solid 25mm thick ZF-MDF and 2mm thick steel panels are used as structural backboard even side boards.Lower steel table structure to support upper part is made of mild/low carbon steel in powder-coating finish.The usual design of table support can be 2 x steel cheek plates or or closed and lockable plinth.Levelling adjusters and master rollers at the feet get table display case more convenient and practical.

Inner Invironment—

As inert materials are comprehensively applied for making museum display cases of table design,no any chemical reaction will take place inside internal environment.All the adhesive,sealant and cure agent for bonding are completely neutral and non-hazardous,and that ZF-MDF for dressing baseboard,structural backboard even side boards are fully sealed by aluminized polyethylene film then veneered with environmental fabric,so internally,no destructive pollutional VOCs will bring any damage on displayed exhibits including sensitive artifacts.

Opening Solution—

As needed by actual exhibits and exhibition,opening solution can be specified as swing opening for partial access or elevating opening for full access.For easy and secure operation,swing opening is usually additionally supported by 2 gas strut from sides and elevating opening is electrically driven.For larger table display cases,remote control opening can be optionally configurated.

Air Tightness—

Consistency of structure by dedicated extrusions,precise fabrication on glass and metal parts work together with seal extrusion,seal sealant and silicon seal strip to create a perfect airtightness of museum display cases of table design,i.e.the exchange rate of air between internal and external environment can be less than 0.1 every 24 hours.

Microclimate Control—

To reach a relatively constant humidity and temperature for perfect conservation on displayed exhibits,museum display cases of table design are discretely and invisibly equipped with passive or active microclimate control systems.Passive microclimate control system is usually realized by silicon gel/artsorb/prosorb inside the dedicated metal tray under baseboards.Electronic active microclimate control system inside lower chamber can realize more precise control on desired humidity and temperature in museum display cases.

Lighting System—

Lighting system for museum display cases of table design should be always protective and far from heat accumulation and UV or IR radiation so LED bar or fibre optic lighting system is usually proposed.For some special illumination,particular lighting system like swan neck lighting devices can be bespoke on request.Fiber optic lighting systems have extremely low heat and UV output so will not damage delicate items prone to degradation by light and can ideally create theatric display effect by combination of different end light fittings and dimmable light level.

Lock System—

As the lock system with the highest security level,Abloy cam locks or push locks can excellently and perfectly resist any physical attacks so as to loyally safeguard the access of museum display cases so the integral security of museum display cases is enhanced.


custom-made museum display cases from Wangda Showcases Limited

10 Dec

custom-made museum display cases

Special structure of museum display cases can be custom-made on request according to special exhibits or special exhibition.Immense size,abnormal shape like column,trapezoid shape or particular function like zero oxygen environment of museum display cases can all be customized.No any compromise on the security,stability and airtightness come to special display cases.

freestanding display cases

10 Dec

freestanding display cases

4 Glass sides freestanding museum display cases with top light chamber stand on the floor independently.Secured to closed plinth,the glass hood by 4 glazed panels supplies a transparent,round-viewed and protective showcasing environment.The freestanding display case with top light chamber is ideal to showcase artifacts from 4 directions and is applicable to the exhibition of small,medium and also larger artifacts.